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tv   [untitled]    August 13, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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inspector is pulling a full building permits. it is being felt as how accessible it should have been in the past. it is the context. you also want to make sure [inaudible] because we all are very visual people. you are going to be working on problems. you want to be able to see it. they should also be following the party's in the ada -- the priorities in the ada. your task report should also be giving you some constructive solutions. they should be tailoring it to your very specific circumstances.
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[inaudible] also, you want to make sure that your task inspector has a relationship with an attorney. it could be beneficial to have that legal expertise readily at hand. the task inspector may have learned some useful information. it is also helpful if your task inspector knows the contractor because the contractor can provide you with a construction bid for what is going to take. so i want to leave you with some closing thoughts. one of them, as mentioned at the beginning -- be proactive.
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do not wait for the letter. get the inspection now. the second is keep really good records. [inaudible] they had actually been doing work over the years. they have been removing barriers. but because they were not keeping good files documenting the reasons why they widened a door or replace the hardware or remodel the bathroom, tracking exactly how much money they spend, they do not get a whole lot of credit for the work they have done so far. but you also want to keep good records tissue products you will be taking on in the future. maybe you cannot remove that step this year or next year. maybe it will take you five years to get there. but you are providing yourself
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protection. >> good evening. we have a loan fund for small business owners facing ada compliance issues. opportunity fund is a non-profit organization sponsored by [inaudible] to help small businesses that could not obtain a loan from their banks. we created a loan program for small businesses who are trying to become compliant. under this loan program, we can provide financing for small businesses up to $100,000.
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those are the small businesses who have been sued, and there are small businesses trying to preempt of a protect themselves against these issues. i will talk about the second rocket first. for the small businesses out there that have been hearing about compliance issues and what to protect themselves and make the improvement and have inspections done, we are willing to work with you and willing to look at the plans that you have any inspections you have to enable you to have tenant improvement to become compliant. for those folks, we would recommend that you go and get a task report done and see whether the contractor can lay out the plan and complete the requirement and then come to us and show us your plan.
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[inaudible] and have had complaints against them because of compliance, we are also able to work with your peer the fundamental requirement for those is that we need you to finish the lawsuit or settle the lawsuit before we can work with you in terms of providing financing. the reason for that is the conversations and these issues can go on for a long time, and we want to make sure that you fundamentally understand what you need to comply with and what are your obligations as part of the settlement of the lawsuit. obviously, it can cost a lot of money. we have provided financing before.
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it is a lot of money. so come and talk to the office of small business and make sure you have professionals and task inspectors and contractors lined up so that we can be part of that conversation in terms of helping you maintain your business and helping to stay in business despite the fact that a lot of businesses are being regulated by now. if you have questions, my information is in the packet. we are more than happy to field any questions, but again, because there are different parts of this whole saga, we are all in different parts in terms of financing, but the loan program will be available. it will be available until the
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ada compliance issues are no longer there. >> thank you. any questions? [inaudible] we do have legal expertise and individuals with our mayor's office of disability. if you do have any questions at all about things that you might have heard about or issues you are facing, it might be the opportunity to ask questions. any questions? >> thanks, supervisor. sorry for being late.
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i heard the gentleman say that the help for small business maximum is $100,000. someone else mentioned a repayment plan. a sort of interest rate and so on and so on. business people show up here. a lot of restaurants and small businesses, and i am certain those members are very interested in this program. i myself have been faithful so long. that is why i am interested. hopefully i will be able to learn something and pass on to
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the people who need my assistance. if there's any way the supervisor would be able to generate a little more activity, maybe the location might not be perfect for the small orders to attend, and hopefully, we have another similar occasion to notify all those people to attend. but thanks so much for being here. thank you. >> yes, so, the typical loan for small businesses, these compliance issues, the term depends on the loan amounts. the most we can do -- in terms of other qualifications, again, this is a loan program, loan
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fund. these are not grants. they are credits. we will look at the capacity to avoid loan payments and also the totality of the situation, taking into consideration whether there are legal fees or remediation fees that need to be paid. but i will say that we want to be an alternative for folks that cannot obtain financing from a bank. this may be a combination of that. maybe they need to go to a bank and get something and we can fill the rest or if they get decline by a bank, we can come in and assist with financing. >> [inaudible] you can only do so much to get people here. that is why we are asking for help from not only our media partners, but those of you in the room. people do not often come to ask for assistance until they are
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hit with a lawsuit. until they receive a complaint letter or a threat of being sued, they do not take the issue very seriously. by that time, a lot of your investments are gone. you will be exposed to lawyer's fees, exposed to having to make copier repairs immediately. these are all things that are very hard for small businesses to weather. what we are trying to promote today is the fact that you can protect yourself as a small business if you are private about it. it is a hard mentality to get people to think about, but that is what we're hoping people will accomplish. we know if you get inspections and that you really put together a plan, that over time, we might not be able to do it today, we might not be able to do it in one year, but if we can make changes over five years or 10 years, that really helps to improve accessibility issues. that is something that is really
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helpful going forward pierre the other issue that was mentioned is the fact that if you are a business that has received [inaudible] from a certified individual, you received a 90-day stint. the things that would not be counted for peer you can help to remedy the problem and get help, so that your liability at the end of the day is a very small one, hopefully. we know we will be heard from from our experts on a legal side. a lot of them can really add up here this gentleman again had heard about a situation where someone had already racked up $40,000 with of legal fees. became an issue. we are not talking about what it costs to fix up which in itself would be excess of, but also the legal component. your word of mouth and the people you know will really help. and, of course, to our media
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folks, people will read your articles and understand that they can really do a lot to protect their businesses early on. >> i just want to add one comment about getting our association involved. we put together a really great training. we have a panel available to you. it is only going to cost you $35 for a 30-minute conversation, and that might be the best $35 you have already spent to avoid something that will be happening in the future. that is just part of the collaborative process with supervisor chu's office, and i am very grateful to her. there is a panel of lawyers that have all attended training and know-how to represent businesses
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and give you some expert advice. >> when we were first looking at the issue and working with different systems, we realize that there was an issue with how you get loans to be able to make those improvements, how you get expertise to help walk you through what you're supposed to respond to. one of the components we saw that was missing was that legal component. how do we find lawyers -- where can i find quick information -- it is not very typical that someone already automatically knows a lawyer who can help them, so they might not know who to reach out to. they really put together a huge effort to train their lawyers that they become experts in this topic. that is something that i think is really important. as julie manchin, there is a $35 consultation that is available -- as julie mentioned.
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>> any other questions? there are multiple languages available. vietnamese, tagalog, chinese. just to let you can receive assistance from some very qualified individuals. >> any other questions? if not, thank you very much for coming. [applause]
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i'm audrey joseph. the acting chair of the entertainment commission. july will mark the 10th year of the entertainment commission and we as an industry have come a long way. our venues are safer, we have survived the recession, our city has produced an economic impact report that speaks to our value as an industry, we are looking forward to the next economic impact report on daytime events and festival and we continue to improve our permitting process most recently the help of supervisor scott wiener extending limited live permits to d j's. today we are introducing to the best i am
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practices manual based in security and we are discussing issues that are veflt relevant to us all. the 90s, san francisco nightlife awards recognized excellent and creative content and patron experience in the nightlife industry. we as an industry deserve that recognition. and now, a few highlights from the 90s. >> welcome to the 2013, 90 awards and the san francisco entertainment commission.♪
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[ applause ] some people think the highlights were of van a white. i kind of thought it was jocelyn king in her hat. it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you now the president of the board of supervisors, david chiu. [ applause ]
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>> thank you, audrey, i'm sorry to have missed that 90s party. i wanted to come to say a brief few words to say what a wonderful job you are doing with city hall and work to go create a vibrant and safe nightlife. when i came to office in my first year there was a shooting that involved eight victims on van ness off polk street quarter. there was a horrible set of shootings that happened around club suede and fisherman's . that started some conversations that initiate neighborhoods and law
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enforcement on the nightlife and entertainment. because of some of the work that you have done here, we have moved some conversations politically in which we have much more collaboration, much more cooperation and much more creativity when it comes to brainstorming. i want to thank your office to help us enforce the rules and i want to thank those in this room as well as those in c mac that gave my office ideas to make sure our party planning world would make sure it's successful that folks that operate parking lots are also responsible partners. all of these could not come from the work that all of you are doing with our entertainment commission staff to make sure that we are working together and moving in the right direction to ensure that we have the most successful and the best an most exciting
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nightlife in the country. i'm really excited about the fact that within a few short months we are going to be kicking off the america's cup in my district and hopefully we'll have the most amazing parties to entertain millions of folks around the globe. as we proceed, we have to make sure that we are taking everyone's interest into account and i also want to say a thank you to those who have been working with my office to address the situation on broadway. just last week i introduced legislation supported by many folks in this room for the creation of a community benefits system along broadway hopefully for the first time again, bringing our nightlife operators and restaurant folks sitting with our neighborhood
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friends to ensure that we have a nightlife that is vibrant and healthy and what is second 5-9 economy stands for. i wanted to come and cheer you on and say thank you for that and i know my colleagues and i look forward to working with all of you for a great future. have a great afternoon. >> [ applause ] >> thank you, supervisor chiu. there has been some changes. our staff is on maternity leave. the person in her place is nag ar. we also have as you may know, i think he's disappeared. there he is. our inspector and sound technician.
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show your phase. of there you are in the back of the room. >> nicholas king is deputy director and instead we now have the fabulous, the wonderful miss cammy blackstone. c'mon up. so this year at this summit we've introduced something new and different for all of you to participate in. cammy is going to explain it and introduce it to you. >> all right we are trying to keep everybody engaged and involved. my new job is question queen. you may have gotten a yellow card when you came in. those are trivia question cards. i'm going to ask a trivia of questions. it's not a pop quiz. as we go through answers you can win prices. the first question, out of all the places that sell
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draft beer in san francisco. the number one seller is at&t park. who comes in at no. 2. don't shout it out. at the episode -- end of the program you can win prices. okay. we are doing trivia questions all through the program. okay. i would like to now bring to the stage supervisor scott wiener. [ applause ] >> good afternoon, everyone. thanks for having me today. i'm glad we are able to do these summits and bring everyone together to discuss our best practices and really embrace and move forward this critical part of our city. one of the first things i did when i took office in 2011 was o request
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our city economist to do an impact study on nightlife and shows how it contributes $2.4 billion to our economy. and we at city hall making policy to treat nightlife as a nuisance to be managed and the purpose of that study among other thing was to make clear this is an important economic benefit and for jobs and for so many other economic purposes and something that should not bow -- be treated at all as a nuisance but something to key and address. it's not just an economic and strong driver in our city, it's really part of the cultural part of our city. and i will be honest that i
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have some concerns about where we are going in terms of our approach towards nightlife and what it means for the cultural essence of this city. we are seeing nightlife more and more under pressure for a variety of reasons and city hall in my view and my city government still takes an over reactive view towards nightlife instead of a more balanced view. we know historically what it's meant for our community for young people, four music lovers, for people in the lgbt community. we are at a crossroads and we have to make a choice whether we want to be a city that continues to attract young people here, whether we want to be a city that wants to continue to attract the creative class here, creative whether they are
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raiders or tech folks. the reason why so many people come is because we have those cultural resources including nightlife. if we continue on the path where we are which is to put continuing pressure on that and making it more harder and more complicated and more expensive for anyone to offer nightlife to our city, we are going to suffer in the long run and we'll become a beautiful and very quiet city and very peaceful for everyone but it won't be the interesting place that it is today. on the san francisco political spectrum of either liberal or more liberal or really liberal on one of those scales, by the san francisco standards i'm probably considered a fairly law & order kind of guy. i'm probably not by natural
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standards but by city standards. i think when it comes to nightlife, we view it too much from a law enforcement perspective. although law enforcement is a critical stakeholder in nightlife policy, i think law enforcement is playing too dominant a role and anytime we are doing anything the first question is about law enforcement. as opposed to law enforcement plus these other four things. i think we need to take a much more balanced approach in that respect. we also need to empower our entered at -- entertainment commission to do it's job and i will hear the board tomorrow to extend live performance to dj's and


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